Reliable, Durable Aseptic Process Pump Makes Key Contribution to Success

The Swiss subsidiary of Dutch company DSM Nutritional Products AG makes use of the spray drying method when producing vitamin and carotenoid powders for the pharmaceutical and food industries. The process uses pump expertise to convey varied emulsions into a sprig tower, the place they’re dried into powder. But the feed and booster pump that was being used proved to be an uncertainty factor as a outcome of the diaphragm required for the pumping course of tended to tear when the pump was began up. Generally, such manufacturing interruptions could be corrected via instant maintenance and restore work.
However, it is extremely expensive to switch a diaphragm or a whole system. DSM was looking for another and at last made a find when they talked to the pump experts at Lewa Nikkiso Switzerland, who really helpful a Lewa triplex process diaphragm pump for the spray tower utility. The drive unit features a secure start-up mode that keeps the diaphragm situated within the impartial place, and continuous regulation utilizing an integrated monitoring system. Since the hermetically tight pumps are electropolished and CIP-approved, it’s easy to satisfy the food industry’s stringent hygienic provisions.
“Pump technology performs a central role in drying oil-in-water emulsions for the meals and pharmaceutical industries. These emulsions contain substances corresponding to nutritional vitamins, carotenoids, or polyunsaturated fatty acids as energetic elements,” explains Natalie Ibald, plant manager of formulations at DSM Nutritional Products AG. “As part of the process chain, every pump is 100 percent integrated into the closed plant system. The pumps are used for conveying the mixtures into the spray tower.”
With the earlier system, the risk of unforeseen interruptions to this course of couldn’t be dominated out. As a outcome, the completely different emulsions could not be processed additional. In different words, it was not potential to dry them into powder. The pump diaphragm was the reason: it was usually too delicate to withstand the stress placed on it when starting up the pump and would rupture. Replacing the diaphragm lowered the system’s service life and generally meant that trouble-free operation could not be assured.
In the course of trying to find a dependable alternative, DSM got in touch with the Swiss subsidiary of pump producer Lewa.
“We were already conversant in Lewa Nikkiso Switzerland as a provider of strong methods with lengthy service lives in the SFP sector. To ensure trouble-free spray drying, we thought it would be good to hitch forces with the experts from Lewa and come up with a design to unravel the technical problems,” says Ibald.
DSM is dedicated to continually improving its processes and investing in know-how. This dedication, along with prior experience with the short service lives of the earlier pumps, led DSM to position special focus on dependable function and a robust design during the venture planning phase. The listing of requirements additionally included a substantial number of stringent hygienic provisions that had to be fulfilled.
“Certain meals have provisions relating to microbiological purity which are many instances extra stringent than those for producing other meals merchandise,” explains Ibald. “This meant that the brand new feed and booster pump needed to meet these tougher situations and each sort of contamination had to be dominated out to provide the widest possible variety of merchandise on the system.”
Royal DSM is a global science-oriented company that is especially active within the areas of nutrition, health, and sustainable dwelling. DSM’s mission is to improve the lives of all. Products and options from DSM tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges while simultaneously creating financial, environmental, and societal value for all its stakeholders—including clients, staff, shareholders, and society at large.
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DSM and its affiliated corporations employ more than 23,000 folks and generate an annual net turnover of roughly 10 billion euros. The company was founded in 1902 and is listed on the Euronext Amsterdam stock trade.
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After a visit on the company premises to consider the spatial and technical parameters, Lewa Nikkiso Switzerland really helpful a sort G3F triplex course of diaphragm pump for the spray tower application. This pump includes a utterly secure start-up operation, since a spring continuously holds the integrated sandwich diaphragm located in a impartial position.
This protects the diaphragm towards incorrect positioning and prevents it from being broken whereas the pump is starting up, increasing system availability substantially. And the Lewa triplex is managed using a pressure reduction valve that’s put in within the hydraulic half and can be configured for the specific scenario. Therefore, the pump may be adapted to totally different operational situations so as to forestall any overloads which will come up. This ensures that the unit has an extended service life and clean regular operation for the entire system.
In addition to the stress relief valve and the spring control, the design of the diaphragm additionally plays an important role in ensuring reliable pump operation. The patented sandwich diaphragm consists of two separate PTFE diaphragms which are extraordinarily long-lasting. They are linked to one another via constructive interlocking through the discharge stroke and mechanical force-fitting during the suction stroke.
This makes the pump hermetically tight and successfully prevents external contamination. As an extra safety function, the DPS monitoring system from Lewa constantly screens the situation of the diaphragm. The monitoring unit promptly shows any harm to the gadget that results in increased pressure in the diaphragm house.
This makes it attainable to carry out preventive maintenance and repair work earlier than the diaphragm even begins to rupture and potentially contaminates the pumped fluid. Thus, it’s often unnecessary to modify the pump off right away, which means that neither the pumping process nor spray drying are negatively impacted to a big extent. If damage to a diaphragm is detected, manufacturing can continue without any problems up to a deliberate maintenance stop. The elements can then get replaced shortly and simply by releasing the cassette for the assembly.
The hermetically tight design of the method diaphragm pump does extra than simply ensure reliable steady operation. It can be a central part for fulfilling the stringent hygiene provisions that the spray tower software is subject to. The Lewa triplex maintains a hermetically tight area with out dynamic seals, guaranteeing fully clear and aseptic production situations. All pump heads that come into contact with the product are additionally electropolished, which makes it attainable to ensure FDA-compliant pump operation.
Because the pump can be cleaned in place (CIP) using totally different alkaline and acidic agents and with out prior dismantling, it’s attainable to meet the special necessities for baby meals as well. The provisions for child meals are 1,000 occasions extra stringent than these for different products within the food sector. Thanks to the hermetically tight design, electropolishing, and CIP cleansing, we have been able to rule out any contamination of the pumped medium and clearly meet the required hygiene commonplace.
The first quote was received in June of 2018 and in September of the identical 12 months, DSM Nutritional Products AG placed an order for the triplex process diaphragm pump. In operation since April 2019, the pump has turn into an indispensable a half of production at the plant in Sisseln.
“In every phase of the challenge, Lewa Nikkiso Switzerland demonstrated quick response instances and well-founded expertise, which made a key contribution to implementing the venture successfully,” says Ibald. “Our specifications with regard to quality, robustness, and hygiene have been followed to the letter in this venture. As a result, our production has turn out to be noticeably extra environment friendly and reliable.”
Lewa develops technologies and supplies options for the vast array of applications amongst its customers. Its products are used primarily in the oil and fuel industry, in gas odorization, in refineries and petrochemicals, as properly as in the production of plastics, detergents, and cleaners. Additional utility areas embody the chemical industry, cosmetics business, prescription drugs and biotechnology, food and beverage trade, and energy utilities. For more info, visit

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